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Deni Starr

The author is a native Portlander and fourth generation Oregonian who, after surviving an attempt on her life by drowning by her older sister (see illustration) grew up with three adopted siblings, two younger brothers as well as her older sister. The family had horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, and a goat named Calamity on a six acre farm just outside the city limits. She spent her childhood riding bikes, riding horses, falling out of trees, hunting the places the chickens were laying to gather eggs, slinging sheep shit, and avoiding her older sister. Having been inspired by Sherlock Holmes in her formative years, she resolved to also become involved in the criminal justice system long before entering Jackson High School. During high school, the author spent much of her time, most of it in French class, writing novels. Je parle un peu francais mais pas beaucoup. Her favorite authors at that time also included Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft, later becoming enamoured of Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke, and Stephen King. The author also found time to ski,and jump horses, and learn photography. She also developed a love of photography from her father whose “trick” Christmas Card photos were the hit of the neighborhood.

The author also developed a love of boxing by watching the major matches such as The Thrilla in Manila” and the “Rumble in the Jungle with her father who was a big Smokin’ Joe Fraizer fan, and who did not like Ali. Her favorite was Michael Spinks, and later martial artists Bruce Lee and Lucy Liu.

During high school, the author won many awards on the speech/debate teams, won no awards at all on the volleyball and basketball teams, wrote for the school newspaper, took every creative writing class offered and provided photography to the school paper and yearbook while managing to graduate with high honors as a member of the Honor Society. She also attempted to decriminalize prostitution at Youth Legislature…

Best Seller


While BJ McKay is incarcerated, her sister Cindy is murdered near her home in a small town on the Oregon coast. When BJ is finally released from prison nine months later, she heads to the beach for answers. She finds the sheriff has made no arrests and has no suspects or leads. He’s also hostile and unhelpful.

BJ begins to investigate on her own and learns that before her death, Cindy had changed her locks and bought a gun, actions that didn’t square up with BJ’s knowledge of how Cindy would act. BJ also discovers the outside phone line had been cut. To make it all more confusing, Cindy was owed money from customers, and antiques she was selling through her business were mysteriously missing. No one could locate her car either.

After making friends with some of the quirky locals, BJ gets a little help with her inquiries, but then another inexplicable murder occurs and someone breaks in to search Cindy’s house. Suddenly BJ is getting too close to figuring things out for a killer’s comfort. Will BJ put the pieces of the puzzle together in time? Or will she be the next victim of a malicious murderer?