Down For The Count

Spring of 2022

The Sean O’Connor & Cindy Matasar Boxer Series Book 5

It seems to Sean that he can’t open a newspaper without seeing another article about a lawsuit against the Catholic Church for protecting child abusers. As a devout Catholic, the subject upsets him, and he would prefer to simply not have to deal with it. That is not an option after Sean’s eldest brother, Father John, asks for Sean’s help in Seattle. A number of priests are accused of sexually abusing children in a class action lawsuit including Father John’s mentor and boxing coach, a priest now in his nineties.

Sean and Cindy agree to get involved, and the more they learn about the suit, the more they believe they are on the wrong side. But, when the priest kills himself, it seems to be as good as a confession. That would have ended their involvement, if Sean hadn’t picked up on a clue that indicates it wasn’t suicide, but murder. Their attempts to track down a killer are hampered and frustrated by a rival investigator who files a complaint against them that might cost them their investigator’s license and things spiral out of control from there. Two more murders and they realize the need to find the killer before he finds them.