Murder By The Bay

BJ is shocked to read in the local paper that a friend of hers, Honey, from Coffee Creek- the Oregon women’s prison, was found murdered in Ocean City, BJ’s new hometown. At first, BJ thinks its an open and shut case, based on Honey’s history as an abused wife. But, it turns out, the ex-husband not only has moved on emotionally as he’s remarried, but he also has an alibi. BJ has her doubts, but it doesn’t seem as if the ex-husband was the killer. Still, she manages to get him furious with her.

Shortly after the murder, Honey’s aunt dies, and BJ discovers the elderly woman left a very substantial estate, which now goes in part to her Honey’s children and some cousins who turn out to be very unpleasant people who had good reason to want to get rid of Honey. BJ ends up as the personal representative of Honey’s estate, and her main job is to try to track down Honey’s children who were adopted out years ago. She also thinks one of the cousins might have been the killer, which seems even more likely after one of them also ends up murdered.

Complicating the investigation of Honey’s murder is that fact that BJ’s friend, Sheriff Lisa Carter, is under fire as the local sheriff, from someone or someone(s) who are out to get her removed from her position. BJ had to help Lisa solve the murders while they can still work together.