Saved By The Bell

The Sean O’Connor & Cindy Matasar Boxer Series Book 4

Sean’s impression of their potential client is that he is a spoiled only child of an overly protective mother, both given to exaggeration and hyperbole. The young man in question had been fired from his job as a night janitor with a cleaning firm and after insisting on talking to his manager about it, ends up facing criminal charges for making threats. His mother wants Sean and Cindy to check with some witnesses that her son had not acted the way his ex-employer had described, and they were just out to get him because they were all a bunch of Nazis.

Sean isn’t very enthusiastic about the case, but its work, business is slow, and the young man is a promising young boxer. Plus, Sean has to admit, the young man’s employers did seem to have over-reacted a lot. Then over-night, literally, the case becomes far more serious after the manger is found murdered and their client is the prime suspect.

Cindy convinces their client’s court-appointed lawyer to keep them on as the investigators for the case, as she and Sean look for evidence that someone besides their client was involved in the killing. Doing routine leg-work, talking to people at various buildings where the cleaning firm had contracts, Sean notices a very odd string of bad luck for occupants of those buildings. Just when it looks like he and Cindy maybe able to connect the dots and figure out the relationship between the cleaning company, the bad luck, and the murder, the lawyer fires them.

Now, they have to figure out who caused them to lose their client, find a way to get back on to the case, discover who was really behind the murder-a quest that leads them to the Nazi Arrow Cross militia of Hungary.